Quakers Hill Public School


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At Quakers Hill Public School our library is a place where our students can access resources to enhance their learning experiences.

Our library is well resourced and is the central place for all learning and information that support our students' learning. The library catalogue is accessible to all students (via the Kidspace homepage) and staff by logging onto the Portal.

Our library program utilises our interactive whiteboard as well as our lab of 17 computers. These computers are also booked by classroom teachers.

The library is open at first half lunch Monday to Thursday. At this time students are able to borrow and return resources, and use the computers for continuing class work. Each class has one library lesson per week. During this lesson, borrowing and returning is conducted as well as a lesson addressing library skills, research skills, inquiry learning or literature study.

All students must have a library bag in order to borrow. No plastic bags will be accepted. Bags can be purchased for $3.30 at the library. Alternatives may also be a pillow case, environmental bag or excursion bags available through the clothing pool.

Borrowing limit 

At Quakers Hill Public School we have the following borrowing limits for our students:

  • Kindergarten - 1 book 
  • Year 1 - 1 book 
  • Year 2 - 2 books 
  • Year 3 - 3 books 
  • Year 4 - 4 books 
  • Year 5 -  4 books 
  • Year 6 - 4 books

If books are overdue, children can still borrow from the library as long as they have not reached their borrowing limit. However, students are able to borrow more than once in a week. Students who also borrow regularly can negotiate an increase in this limit with the teacher librarians. Loans are for one week, but are able to be renewed unless the books are in high demand.