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Quakers Hill Public School is proud of its reputation in the community and our attractive uniform contributes to the school’s identity and spirit. The school uniform promotes our school as a centre of excellence and creates a sense of belonging for students and a positive identity for the school community. School uniforms contribute to the personal safety of students by allowing easier recognition of students inside the school and in the community. The purpose of this document is to provide students, parents/carers and staff with a clear and common understanding of school uniform requirements. The School Uniform Implementation Statement has been developed following consultation with the school community and is strongly supported and endorsed by the Parent and Citizens Association.

Boy's school uniform consists of the royal blue shirt and grey pants with white socks and black shoes. Girls have the choice of wearing either the school dress (preferred option) or the royal blue shirt with skorts and white socks and black shoes.

The yellow polo shirt is the school's sports shirt and is worn with royal blue shorts for boys and girls (with the schools emblem) and sneakers with white socks.

During the winter months our students also have our wonderful micro-fibre track top and pants. Our girls can choose to wear the tunic, culottes or pants (with a school jacket).

Please note that yellow polo shirts are to be worn on  sports day only and school hats are also to be worn at all times. 

See the QHPS Uniform Size Chart for more information regarding uniform items and sizing. 

Summer Uniform

Winter Uniform

Sports Uniform

Uniform Shop

School uniforms can be purchased online at www.qhpspnc.com.au or on-site at the Uniform Shop. The Uniform Shop is open Tuesday and Thursday mornings 9:15am to 10:15am. To contact the Uniform Shop, please email qhps.clothingpoolorders@gmail.com . To assist with ordering online, please see the QHPS Uniform Size Charts.

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