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Future focused learning

Future focused learning environments have been designed and established. There are three models of learning environments. Those that are set up with specifically designed tables and seating with a 1:2 ratio. The second is designed around netbooks and utilise the schools wireless network, with a 1:2 ratio. The third model is based around a combination of personal computers, iPads and Surface/Android tablets, again with a 1:2 ratio.

In each of our future focused arenas the students engage with the technology for most of their school week while still maintaining table space to complete tasks requiring work in exercise books. These rooms are supported by a high computer/student ratio, students can move from one digital experience to the next enhancing the speed of their learning whilst promoting deep understanding, creative and critical thinking through group cooperation.

Within all rooms, and regardless of the e-learning design and experience, all students are exposed to whole class modelling, teacher guidance and instruction via the smart board (interactive whiteboard). Students then complete lessons digitally at their desks utilising their e-learning environments.

Fundamental to our core belief is that the most vital aspect of our future focused learning environments are the outstanding and very talented teachers who embed technology in their teaching and learning programs. It is the expertise of our staff and their integration of the technology available to our students, which makes the real difference.