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Future focused learning


The challenge for schools today is to strategically embed future focused practices into school systems and processes so that students “become successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens” (The Melbourne Declaration on Educational Goals for Young Australians).

Future focused education isn’t defined by new technology or furniture, it is defined by a fundamental shift in pedagogy, towards a learner-centred approach that builds the knowledge, understanding, skills and values of students, so that they can take advantage of future opportunities, face the challenges of this new era and thrive in society.

Quakers Hill Public School continues to embrace innovative practices so that education remains relevant to students in an ever-changing educational landscape. Underpinned by the school banner statement Innovation-Excellence-Success, QHPS is at the forefront of education and a catalyst for innovation within the community. Our staff wholeheartedly embrace the school’s philosophy; striving for excellence, providing all students with a high-quality and future-relevant education, and preparing them for rewarding and productive lives in an increasingly complex world. We lead, nurture and inspire students, staff and the school community to imagine the endless possibilities, believe in themselves and the possibilities and create these possibilities.

Flexible Learning Spaces

Here at Quakers Hill Public School we design and implement effective learning spaces that are: open to encourage student freedom, movement and collaboration, varied to support different pedagogical approaches and the different learning needs of students, flexible so furniture can be rearranged to create different learning spaces at different times and integrated with technologies that encourage student-centred learning.In each of our future focused arenas the students engage with the technology for most of their school week while still maintaining table space to complete tasks requiring work in exercise books. These rooms are supported by a high computer/student ratio, students can move from one digital experience to the next enhancing the speed of their learning whilst promoting deep understanding, creative and critical thinking through group cooperation.

Student Use of Digital Devices and Online Services Policy

The QHPS Student Use of Digital Devices and Online Services implementation statement has been developed to support the Department of Education’s Student Use of Digital Devices and Online Services Policy. As a future focused school, Quakers Hill Public School acknowledges the educational value of digital devices and online services in supporting and enhancing educational outcomes and student wellbeing. We also recognise they may cause harm if used inappropriately and that we need to support our students to use them in safe, responsible and respectful ways.

These guidelines provide a consistent framework for the safe, responsible and respectful use of digital devices and online services by students in our school. It sets out the shared responsibilities of school staff, students and parents and carers. It also provides a framework to manage potential risks to student safety and wellbeing.

This Implementation Statement covers student use of digital devices and online services in school-related settings, including on school grounds, at school-related activities and outside of school where there is a clear and close connection between the school and the conduct of students. This procedure covers the use of school-provided and personal digital devices and all online services.