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About our school

Quakers Hill Public School opened in 1912 and is the oldest school in this rapidly expanding suburb.

Quality education has been provided to this community throughout those years. To enable this to occur, the school places a special emphasis on a wide range of proactive student welfare, pastoral care and educational programs.

Quakers Hill Public School is a dynamic and caring learning community, which has been catering for families living in the school's drawing area since 1914. The school's banner statement ‘innovation-excellence-success', and expectations ‘safe, responsible, proud, learners', encapsulates what this outstanding place of learning is all about and is reflected in through many programs and activities offered by the school, ensuring that every aspect of school life (academic, social, sporting, leadership and performing arts) are  catered for.

Our banner statement is the school's reason for being; it is our ethos, our mantra.

The school strives to provide each and every student with best teaching practice by providing a stimulating and challenging environment, where the curriculum is differentiated to cater for the educational needs of each student from our opportunity class children, through to those children requiring educational support.

The school has a strong commitment to providing a safe and supportive environment valuing cooperation, tolerance and respect. The nine core values of public education and the schools expectations are embedded into each and every classroom and supported by our wonderful parents and dedicated teachers. Quakers Hill is a truly multicultural school with 60% of its students being from a non-English speaking background. Cultural diversity is recognised and celebrated by the school through multicultural and NAIDOC days, classroom activities and school leadership programs.

Our students consistently perform at and above state average as indicated through external assessment and NAPLAN results. Teachers work tirelessly to ensure that this trend continues and that children are provided with innovative programs and excellent teaching practice.

The strong partnership that the school enjoys with the Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) is an essential and vital component of the connectedness and shared vision that our school as a learning community enjoys. We have a clear direction for our school and our students and we work together to achieve this vision and direction. Quakers Hill Public School continues to be the school of choice for families within the local drawing area, for students from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Quakers Hill is a proud member of the Blacktown Learning community (BLC), being a founding member since 1994. The BLC consists of 23 schools (principals and parent representatives) working together to provide students, staff and parents with quality programs, projects and professional learning opportunities.

Quakers Hill Public School prides itself on delivering outstanding education through best teaching practice. Technology is embedded throughout each and every classroom and e-learning is an integral part of all teaching and learning programs.

Outstanding educational outcomes are delivered through e-learning as this is vital in engaging our students and providing them with a stimulating environment in which to learn. Today's world is a digital world, changing rapidly, and we are committed to preparing all of our students for this world.

E-Learning is the terminology we have chosen to represent our philosophy, because we are talking about more than technology and the use of computers and netbooks. We are also talking about the integration of iPads, iPods, game consoles, smart response systems, beebots, interactive whiteboards, video conferencing and so much more. How this 'e-learning' looks is uniquely different from classroom to classroom and from stage to stage, but is equally as effective, as important and as stimulating.

At Quakers Hill Public School, we have an information book avaliable to our students and parents. Download and view the Quakers Hill Public School Information book (PDF 1215KB)

Our history 

The Quakers Hill area began to be subdivided in the early 1900s, with most of the land subdivided into 5-acre lots, and small market gardens and later poultry farms were in abundance. With subdivision came the churches (1910) and the public school.

Quakers Hill Public School was established in May 1912 in the presbyterian church hall in Osbsorne Road. Thirty students were enrolled at this time with a temporary teacher, Mr Neville appointed in order to 'test' the attendance. In October 1912 a permanent Principal, Mr George Cumming was appointed as the first Principal of Quakers Hill Public School.

In 1914 with 'the present building being overcrowded, with 48 students enrolled, and in a dilapidated condition and inadequate for school purposes', new premises in quakers road were occupied on 2 November 1914. This building, since extended, still stands and is in use as a classroom today. Quakers Hill Public School has grown over the years to it's present size of over 670 students.

Blacktown Learning Community

Quakers Hill Public School is a proud, founding member of the Blacktown Learning Community (BLC). 

During the past twenty years the Blacktown Learning Community has been, and continues to be, a proactive, empowering group of twenty-five schools in the Blacktown area of Western Sydney. It provides its students, its staff and its communities with programs, initiatives and educational learning that have been innovative and often at the forefront of education.


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