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Home Readers & Speech Packs

Home Readers and Speech Kits

Home Readers

Home Readers are taken home three times a week to build students familiar reading. This is an important part of being in Kindergarten and it is vital to student’s development that they are consistently involved in the home reading program.

When readers are allowed to reread familiar material, they are being allowed to learn to be readers, to read in ways which draw on all their language resources and knowledge of the world, to put this very complex recall and sequencing behaviour into a fluent rendering of the text.

Familiar Reading enables children to:

•      Make meaningful predictions that can be checked against visual information

•      Practice effective strategies on easy material

•      Read with fluency and expression

•      Become more knowledgeable about story structure and vocabulary

Speech Packs

Speech packs are a valuable resource consisting of a versatile, fun and engaging range of resources covering a variety of language areas appropriate for young learners. Speech packs are sent home on a Monday of each week and returned on Friday. Speech therapy helps a child's overall sense of happiness and wellbeing grow by being able to form deeper bonds with their peers.

Speech packs are used to:

•      Assist in the facilitation of language development

•      Build on student language skills, including communication, comprehension, grammar, vocabulary and verbal articulation

•      Reinforce the learning that occurs at school and provide an opportunity for consolidation at home.