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Interactive displays

Touchscreen televisions

Touchscreens televisions (TVs) have been purchased to replace the aging interactive whiteboards in the school. The touchscreen TVs continue the school's philosophy of providing our students with the very best e-learning devices available. These devices are multi touch devices (up to 6 touch points) allowing greater collaboration, group work, engagement and interaction amongst our students.

Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards are used in a variety of ways at our school. At Quakers Hill we use our interactive whiteboards for instructional purposes, demonstration, multimedia, storage and retrieval, and going with the flow. Our interactive whiteboards are an integral part of our daily instruction and as part of the quality teaching and learning that is provided for all of our students. 

The main advantages of using an interactive whiteboard are increased student engagement and excitement and fostering a love of learning. Children today are living in a digital world. The interactive whiteboards provide our teachers with the means to present and deliver lessons with greater purpose and relevance to children's' everyday lives.